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  • Enhances absorption of nutrients.
  • Improves plant fertilizer use efficiency.
  • Improves water infiltration & retention.
  • Improves root growth and development.

GrowMate TM Soil is recommended for most crops including vegeta-ble crops, field crops, citrus, turf, flowers grown in green-houses, hydroponics and particularly soils with less than 4% organic matter. GrowMateTM Soil is an all natural, highly-effective liquid soil condi-tioner, rich in humic acids designed for soil application. Humic Acids are a fraction of humic substances, they are soluble in water under alkaline pH conditions, and they precipitate in acid and are dark in color.


Does GrowMateTM Soil replace fertilizer? GrowMateTM Soil is not intended to replace fertilizers: however, it is an excellent compli-ment to fertilizers. GrowMateTM Soil will optimize your fertilizer program by the benefits listed above.

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Cultivate Success with GrowMate™

Where Nutrient Enhancement Meets Root Prosperity

Category 1: Basic Info
Nurturing Growth from Root to Bloom

The plant formula, a growth regulator, enhances root development, water storage, and stress resistance. The soil enhancer, rich in humic acids, improves nutrient absorption, fertilizer efficiency, and root growth. Both products work synergistically for thriving, vibrant plants.

Category 2: in Depth View

Elevate your crops with GrowMate™ Plant, a potent growth regulator. This revolutionary formula fosters robust root development, enhances water storage, and fortifies plants against stress. It's a game-changer for cultivating resilient and thriving vegetation.


Unleash the power of your soil with GrowMate™ Soil. This rich, natural humic acid enhancer improves nutrient absorption, boosts fertilizer efficiency, and stimulates root growth. A perfect complement to your fertilization program, it transforms ordinary soil into a nutrient-rich foundation for flourishing plants.

Growing Beyond Harm: The Risks of Common Fertilizers

Fertilizers for Safer, Greener Growth

Current fertilizers flood markets with harmful synthetics, threatening ecosystems. GrowMate stands as a decade-long advocate for natural, optimal growth, providing a safe, green alternative. It's time for a shift toward sustainable fertilization for healthier plants and a better planet.

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