Exercise & Inflammation: Induction & Reduction with CBD

Exercise & Inflammation: Induction & Reduction with CBD

What is Exercise Induced Inflammation?

Exercise inflammation is the result of a good workout. Your body repairs itself and your muscle fibers become stronger. However, if you do not give yourself adequate recovery time, inflammation can negatively affect your health and your exercise performance. Learn what exercises lead to exercise inflammation, how to notice signs of inflammation, and how to minimize inflammation so you can get back into the gym and keep exercising.

Inflammation is a natural process that occurs whenever our bodies are injured. Your immune system sends white blood cells to the site of injury to help clean out any foreign substances that might be causing harm. Once the area is cleaned up, the white blood cells leave the area and go back into circulation. However, if the injury is too severe, the white blood cells stay longer than they should and begin to release harmful chemicals known as free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms or molecules that lack one or more electrons. They can react with healthy cells and cause cell death. In addition, they can cause inflammation and pain.

How to reduce Induced inflammation 

Balancing exercise- induced inflammation means training gradually to allow your body time to adapt. If you jump into an intense workout and do it for too long or at a high intensity level, you’re much more likely to experience the negative effects of exercise and inflammation, such as muscle soreness and delayed recovery.

Recovering from workouts can be just as important as time spent in the gym for maximum results. CBD, which is proven effective in supporting recovery from exercise-induced muscle soreness, can also help athletes perform and recover by providing a sense of calm for focused concentration, managing daily stress, and improving sleep quality.* Many athletes are attracted by the benefits of CBD as an alternative to traditional pain relief methods such as ibuprofen. CBD helps athletes perform by promoting focus, manage stress, and get better rest.

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