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Our formula combines Chaga Mushroom Extract and Schisandra Berry Extract, to bolster your immune system.

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  • Ingredients Chaga Mushroom Extract 600MG + Schisandra Berry Extract 600MG. Total MG per serving: 1200 MG
  • Other ingredients: HMCP Vegetarian Capsule, May contain less than 1% Silica
  • Serving per container: 30 serving
  • Dosage Recommendations: 2 Capsules

Chaga Mushroom Extract, packed with antioxidants, strengthens your body's defenses against free radicals, promoting overall well-being. Schisandra Berry Extract, a time-tested adaptogenic herb, further enhances immune function and stress resilience with its immune-supporting properties. 

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Important Information

Chaga Mushroom
Ancient Antioxidant Defense Medicine

By incorporating our high-quality formula into your daily routine, you can enhance your body's natural defenses, promote wellness, and face life's challenges with vitality and resilience. Each capsule is convenient and easy to swallow.

Schisandra Berry Extract
Ancient Herb

Adaptogenic treasure, Schisandra promotes resilience, reduces stress, and enhances immune function for holistic well-being.

  • Immune Support

    These natural ingredients work in synergy to fortify your body's defenses, enhancing your immune system's strength. With this, you're better equipped to combat external threats and maintain overall wellness.

  • Antioxidant Power

    Shield against harmful free radicals. Strengthen your body's natural defenses and maintain well-being.

  • Enhanced Wellness

    comprehensive support for overall wellness. This synergistic blend of Chaga Mushroom and Schisandra Berry Extracts reinforces providing a robust defense system for vitality and resilience

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