Get to know about Dr. Gerardo Sanchez Mejorada Fernandez

Dr. Gerardo Sanchez Mejorada Fernandez is a highly accomplished medical professional with extensive experience in various areas of medicine and clinical research. Here is a summary of his professional background:


  • M.D. degree from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).


  • Internal Medicine
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Clinical Studies

Professional Experience:

August 2016 - Present:

  • Medical Head, Corporate Business, and Clinical Development.
  • Responsible for Oncology projects at Stendhal during this period.

January 2014 - August 2016:

  • Regional Medical Director, CardioMetabolic Franchise in Mexico, Central America, and Andean Countries.

January 2012 - December 2013:

  • Medical Director, Stendhal México.

January 2010 - December 2011:

  • Medical & Regulatory Affairs Director, Stendhal Mexico.

January 2005 - December 2009:

  • Director of Medical Affairs & Business Development.

July 2003 - December 2004:

  • Medical & Regulatory Affairs Manager.

August 2002 - July 2003:

  • Director of Hospital Operations at Hospital Mocel, Grupo Angeles Servicios de Salud.

Previous Positions at Pharmaceutical Companies:

Schering-Plough (1999-2002):

  • Medical Manager, Oncology-Biotechnology Division.
  • Medical Manager, Primary Care.

Sanofi-Winthrop (1996-1998):

  • Medical Manager, Oncology-Hospital Line.
  • Medical Marketing Manager, Oncology.
  • Clinical Research Manager.

Instituto Nacional de Cancerología:

  • Chief, Clinical Research Division (1993-1996).
  • Staff Member, Infectious Diseases Department (1991-1993).
  • Associate Researcher (1992-1996).

Private Practice:

  • Internal Medicine/Infectologist at Hospital Angeles del Pedregal (1991-1999).

Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs:

  • Designed and coordinated several Phase III trials for various therapeutic areas.
  • Involved in obtaining more than 50 marketing authorizations in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, and the Dominican Republic.
  • Participated in the launch of multiple products in different markets.
  • Engaged in successful licensing deals with various companies, covering infectious diseases, pain, epilepsy, migraine, HIV, chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Dr. Gerardo Sanchez Mejorada Fernandez's expertise and contributions in clinical medicine, research, and regulatory affairs have had a significant impact on the medical field. He has played crucial roles in drug development, clinical trials, and the launch of various pharmaceutical products, benefiting patients across different therapeutic areas.