Regener8te Mood

A carefully crafted blend of natural ingredients designed to enhance your mood.

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  • IngredientsHericium Erinaceus Extract ( Lions Mane Mushroom)
    600MG + Rhodiola Rosea Extract (Root) 300MG. Total MG per Serving: 1000MG
  • Other ingredients: HMCP Vegetarian Capsule, May contain less than 1% Silica
  • Serving per container: 30 serving
  • Dosage Recommendations: 2 Capsules

Description:Lions Mane Mushroom Extract supports cognitive function and mental clarity, while Rhodiola Rosea Extract, an adaptogenic herb, reduces stress and promotes a sense of calm. 

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Important Information

Lion's Mane
Ancient Medicinal Mushroom

With roots in traditional Asian medicine, Lion's Mane mushroom is celebrated for cognitive benefits, potentially enhancing memory, focus, and neurological health.

Rhodiola Rosea 
Ancient Medicinal Herb

Revered in traditional medicine for centuries, Rhodiola Rosea was used by Vikings to enhance endurance. Today, it's prized for adaptogenic and mood-regulating benefits.

  • Mood Elevation

    Reduce stress and promote a sense of calm, effectively enhancing overall mood and emotional well-being.

  • Balanced

    The synergistic combination help balance neuro-transmitters contributing to a more positive emotional state and overall well-being.

  • Synergy

    Works in harmony to balance neurotransmitters and foster a brighter and more positive emotional state

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